VCE announces new capabilities for VCE Vblock Systems

Monday at Cisco Live, VCE announced the introduction of a couple of new features, oriented to the deployment and management of VDI infrastructure, for its VCE Vblock solutions.

Vblock systems are already optimized for VMware View and leverage technologies from CISCO, EMC and VMware  in a complete integrated desktop virtualization solution called VCE Vblock FastPath Desktop Virtualization Platform.

New FastPath features include:

  • A new entry point with additional support for Vblock Series 300 Systems, providing more flexibility for VDI implementations. A single Vblock Series 300 system can support up to 5,000 virtual desktops.
  • Simplified IT manageability and control with support for VMware View 5, which provides a high fidelity desktop virtualization experience regardless of LAN or WAN connections. Centralized, automated desktop management provided by VMware View 5 enables the scalable management of tens of thousands of virtual desktops through a single console. VMware View reduces operational costs by as much as 50 percent while increasing availability, reliability and security levels far beyond levels of traditional PCs.
  • More VDI flexibility with support for multiple “pools” of virtual machines in a single Vblock system. The “pools” are groups of virtual machines with similar characteristics or policies that can be dynamically expanded or contracted as business requirements dictate.
  • Simplified scalability with a new licensing wizard that simplifies and automates the process of adding VMware View virtual desktop appliances.

New VCE features include:

  • Increased high availability capabilities with the integration of Cisco load balancing appliances, which automatically routes requests to a server in a Vblock system to the one that is able to most rapidly serve the request. This further enables uninterrupted secure access to clinical desktops and Electronic Medical Record applications.