Veeam launches research site on virtualization adoption

Veeam announced on July 17th the availability of an index, named V-Index, which measures the virtualization penetration rate in enterprise data centers.

The V-index was performed in Q2 2011 and it surveyed 544 large-scale enterprises across the United States, the United Kingdom, France and Germany. The study was fielded by Vanson Bourne, an independent market research company, and focused primarly on server virtualization.

Veeam also announced a site for its new index, also called V-Index, which aims to be a source of data on virtualization adoption across different countries and enterprises. The report of the survey can be downloaded from the V-Index site free of charge.

Some of the findings of the research are outlined below:

  • Penetration: 39.4% of all servers within all of the enterprises surveyed were virtual.
  • Hypervisor use: Of those enterprises using virtualization, 84% use VMware, 61% use Microsoft Hyper-V, 55.4% use Citrix Xen and 12% use other hypervisors.
  • Primary hypervisor: 58% of enterprises use VMware as their primary hypervisor, 20.2% use Citrix Xen, 18.6% use Microsoft Hyper-V and 3% use another hypervisor.
  • Future growth: 81.4% of enterprises using virtualization are planning to increase their level of server virtualization in the next 12 months.

An update of the V-Index will be made available quarterly.