Ericom releases beta of HTML 5 RDP client

Ericom, the Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) provider has launched a beta version of a HTML 5 Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) Client. The client works with HTML 5 natively and doesn’t require any add-in like Java, Flash, Silverlight ActiveX. The client is called AccessNow and runs on Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer (with the Chrome Frame plug-in), Firefox and other browsers with HTML 5 and WebSockets support.

Basically, the client opens a Webbrowser and provides the URL of the AccessNow Server, which provides the client. The client connects to the AccesNow servers, which translates WebSocket communication to/from RDP.


In March this year the company also released a beta of a HTML 5 client to access VMware View environments using RDP, possibly extending support to the PC-over-IP (PCoIP) protocol in the future.