Citrix releases technical preview of Receiver for Windows 3.0

Citrix has released a technical preview of the upcoming Receiver for Windows 3.0. Receiver is the application which is installed on clients in order to access hosted applications and desktops. The Receiver will replace the Online Plug-in for Windows which is now embedded in Receiver.

New features:

  • Internet Explorer 9 support.
  • Simplified listing of USB devices in the Desktop Viewer.

  • Redesign of the preferences dialog box in the Desktop Viewer and the USB button on the toolbar is now called Devices.
  • The Citrix Desktop Lock (formerly called the Desktop Appliance Lock) now supports Windows 7.
  • As an alternative to the Desktop Viewer UI, you can form connections to XenDesktop VDAs using Microsoft RemoteFX.
  • Reduced application launch time at high-traffic periods, using session pre-launch. Configurable on the server and client side.
  • Improved QoS support by allowing Branch Repeater and third party routers to apply QoS policies across multiple ICA connections.
  • Remoting of multiple audio devices present on the user device enabled.
  • New Single Sign-On Plug-in.
  • Receiver now supports the display of Windows Aero theme on virtual desktops.