Citrix announces technical preview of XenClient 2.0

During Citrix Synergy this today, Citrix announced the release of a technical preview for the second version of their client hypervisor XenClient, and also introduced a new type supporting advanced levels of security, isolation and performance with extreme client computing requirements called XenClient XT. Version 2.0 is the follow up of version 1.0 which was released in September last year as part of XenDesktop 4.0 Feature Pack 2.

The Citrix XenClient 2.0 technical preview is available as of today.

XenClient 2.0 features:

  • Supports 3x as many laptops and PCs as previous version
  • Expanded support for Intel HD Graphics, and introduces support for discrete graphics architectures from AMD
  • New version of Synchronizer, including full synchronization of user desktops, apps and data with the corporate datacenter.
  • Simpler, more responsive, more intuitive user experience.