Release: Trilead VM Explorer 3.5

Major update released for Trilead VM Explorer, which reaches version 3.5. This is the new stable version.

The backup solution for VMware virtual machines gets some new features and some bugs fixes.

As for the previous release, VM Explorer is offered in two editions: the free edition, supporting VMware ESX 3.x and higher with a maximum of 5 devices and a pro edition, which additionally supports vCenter 4 and unlimited devices. VM Explorer Backups can be stored on ESX, Windows, Linux and FreeBSD based storage platforms or directly to a SAN (pro edition only).

The most important additions in this release are the built-in scheduler service, which frees the administrator from the need of keeping a user logged in or use the windows scheduler, improvements of the email reporting system and the introduction of Backup Explorer, which permits to browse past backups and start a restore from there.

The full changelog can be found here.