HP plans for cloud computing leak on Linkedin

The Register broke the news of a very relevant information leak on one of HP’s VP linkedin profile.
According to The Register and a screenshot it published supposedly from Scott McClellan‘s Linkedin profile, HP is going to launch a number of new, dedicated cloud computing services:

  • HP “obect storage”, a storage environment built from scratch designed for scalability and reliability.
  • HP “compute”,”network” and “block storage” cloud services.
  • The future HP “cloud” website
  • Common and shared services for authentication and so on in the cloud
    • A “person familiar with the matter”, reported The Register, said that HP is going to unveil its plans at the VMware’s VMWorld conference in August.
      The linkedin profile has been updated, removing the information leak, and HP declined to comment.

      The absence of Azure or the .NET platform is notable, expecially considering HP said it would have had eventually offered both an “infrastructure-as-a-service” (IaaS) cloud and “platform-as-a-service” (PaaS) cloud.

      Update: the platform will likely be called Scalene, as reported by the register