VMware appoints four new co-presidents

In July 2008 virtualization.info reported about Diane Greene leaving as CEO of VMware and being replaced by Paul Maritz coming from Microsoft. Now networkworld reports that Maritz has given up his title of president to be filled in by four new co-presidents, Richard McAniff as Co-President Products and Chief Development Officer, Tod Nielsen as Co-President Applications Platform, Mark Peek as Co-President Business Operations and Chief Financial Officer and Carl Eschenbach as Co-President Customer Operations. Maritz will still serve as CEO.

McAniff joined VMware in March 2009 as Chief Development Officer (CDO), before that he was VP at Microsoft for Microsoft Office.

Nielsen joined VMware in January 2009 as Chief Operations Officer (COO) coming from Borland where he was CEO. In his career he worked at Microsoft for almost twelve years, the place where is probably met Maritz.

Peek joined VMware in July 2007 as Chief Financial Officer (CFO) coming from Amazon where he was Senior Vice President.

Eschenbach joined VMware in 2002 and became Chief Customer Operations in 2005, before working at VMware Eschenbach was Vice President of North American Sales at Inktomi.

Now three of the top five executives at Vmware are ex-Microsoft officials.