VMware VP joins Rapid 7 board of directors

Christopher Young, VMware Vice President and General Manager End User Computing has joined the board of directors of Rapid 7, a company which provides threat management solutions and is the 7th fastest growing security company in the U.S. Rapid 7 along other products provides the open-source based penetration testing framework Metasploit, which it acquired in October 2009.

Young joined VMware in September this year, coming from EMC where he was Senior Vice President of RSA products to lead the newly created End-User Computing business unit. VMware clearly wanted to make a statement, suggesting that security is going to become a key part of its desktop virtualization offering.

The fact that Young now joined the board of directors clearly suggests that the Vulnerability Management and Penetration testing Products of Rapid 7 will be integrated somehow in the VMware offering, either by using the products or by an acquisition of Rapid 7 by VMware in the future.