Release: MokaFive Suite 3.0

MokaFive today announced version 3.0 of its security wrapper for hosted virtualization platforms called Suite, introducing full support for Windows 7. This version is the follow-up of version 2.8 which was released in May this year.

MokaFive has a slightly different approach in providing virtual desktops to end-users, called a Live-PC in the MokaFive suite. A Live-PC is managed centrally, but runs locally on Macintosh or Windows based computers after users downloaded their Live-PC via a Web link. The VM runs inside software virtualization environments like VMware Player or Fusion, Virtual Box or Parallels Workstation. MokaFive is still expected to release a client Hypervisor called the MokaFive BareMetal in 2011 as reported by in June this year.


Version 3.0 provides the following new features:

  • Windows 7 virtual desktops are now fully supported, across all MokaFive features such as user-installed applications, VPN integration, and universal printing.
  • Integrated Security – by partnering with AVG it provides a built-in anti-malware scan to enable use of personal devices for business.

MokaFive will also introduce a Service Provider Edition which will enable managed service providers to provide desktop management from the cloud by offering multi-tenancy, golden image management tools and consolidated cross-tenant reporting.