HyTrust partners with RSA

HyTrust has announced that it will partner with RSA in order to provide interoperability with the RSA enVision platform.

The HyTrust Appliance provides access control and change management for VMware virtual infrastructures, it does so by sitting between the VMware management interfaces (vCenter Client, ESX SSH and web management interfaces, vCenter and ESX APIs) as a transparent proxy that enforces authentication, authorization and corporate policy. The latest version is HyTrust Appliance 2.0 which was announced in March this year.

RSA, which is a security division of EMC provides a log collection, alerting and analysis solution called the enVision platform. This enVision platform is capable of collecting and analyzing large amounts of data in real-time, from any event-source and in computing environments of any size.

The combination of the HyTrust Appliance and RSA enVision platform enables the enVision to collect the logs from the HyTrust Appliance so that customers can determine if they can virtualize more workloads, if they meet compliance requirements and it can help them to implement a cloud-based service model.


  • Collect
    Unlike off-the-shelf relational database technology that is optimized for structured data, LogSmart IPDB is designed for unstructured log data. As a result, highly efficient, highly scalable acquisition of data from virtually all enterprise IP devices is done without filtering or normalizing. Installation is quick and non-invasive because log data is collected without device agents, which are also disruptive to deploy and maintain, consume host cycles, and increase the security attack surface.
  • Manage
    Efficient LogSmart IPDB technology translates into superior event-per-second performance. Information is delivered in real-time, and economical appliance and storage utilization minimizes operational costs. Installation and expansion is performed without interrupting operations, and a hot-standby server configuration delivers collection for best-of-breed availability and fault-tolerance to ensure that log data is always captured – and preserved.
  • Analyze
    Confident security awareness starts with protected role-based access and a single enterprise view of all data collected from all devices, across all sites and geographies. Automated analysis begins as data is collected, with simultaneous intelligent inspection for rapid alerting. A taxonomy framework conforms device message definitions and formats, while time and activity baselines are computed automatically from the moment the RSA enVision platform is operational