SPICE protocol reaches version 0.6.3, introduces copy & paste support

After the release of SPICE 0.6.0, happened in September, the development of the open source remote desktop protocol supported by Red Hat continues towards the next stable milestone, 0.8, expected in February 2011.

Besides bug fixes, SPICE 0.6.3 introduces the text copy & paste capability for all clients, while images copy & paste is currently limited to Linux.

The open source Linux distribution Fedora already includes SPICE 0.6 in its beta 1. Linux-KVM.com reports that the GA version, available soon, should include this new SPICE release.

Interestingly, the protocol’s roadmap now mention a planned client for Apple operating system Mac OS X. So far SPICE clients are only available for Windows, Linux and, experimentally, Nokia platforms.