Release: VMTurbo Planner 1.0 and Watchdog 1.0

VMTurbo, who entered the virtualization market in April this year announced the availability of VMTurbo Planner and VMTurbo Watchdog, both offered in the same Novell Suse Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) based virtual appliance, which already contains VMTurbo Monitor and Host Reporter.
VMTurbo Planner is the key piece of the suite, it can use the statistics which are collected and information about under and over-utilization from to offer Capacity Management recommendations.
VMTurbo Planner is capable of:

  • Planning for workload changes
  • Planning for hardware changes
  • Assuring utilization targets
  • Simplifying tasks using planning scenarios
  • Creating orderly actions plans


VMTurbo Watchdog which is an extension of VMTurbo Monitor is a monitoring tool, which can analyze the metrics collected by VMTurbo Monitor to identify bottlenecks and performance problems. VMTurbo Watchdog is offered free of charge.
VMTurbo Watchdog is capable of:

  • Detecting and Troubleshooting CPU Problems
  • Detecting and Troubleshooting Memory Problems
  • Detecting and Troubleshooting Storage and Network Problems
  • Detecting and Reducing Resource Waste
  • Analyze the Impact of Problems