Virtual Computer hires Stratus Lead Architect as Chief Scientist

The US startup Virtual Computer is in a very nice spot right now. Its recently released NxTop 3.0 includes a pretty sophisticated client hypervisors that is free for the general public and that doesn’t require Intel vPro to work. Plus, the imminent release of Citrix XenClient and the recent acquisition of Neocleus from Intel are turning the company into a highly desirable acquisition target. 
For these reasons, and more, Virtual Computer is rated Worth Watching in the Virtualization Industry Radar.

But the death of Alex Vasilevsky, Virtual Computer had to reassure its current and potential customers about its technology leadership and long-term vision.
So today the company announces that Simon Graham has been named Chief Scientist.

Graham has been the Lead Architect at Stratus Technologies for 11 years. His responsibilities at the company included:

  • Chief architect for software fault tolerance product development.
  • Technical lead for Windows software development for the Stratus Intel based fault tolerant server.
  • Architecting, design and implementation work on Stratus’ Active Upgrade product providing the ability to perform online software upgrades with minimal downtime. Co-inventor on patent application covering the software and hardware mechanisms.

The choice is rather interesting and may imply an extension of Virtual Computer in the server space. Maybe with a fault-tolerant enterprise-class hypervisor based on Xen.