Red Hat SPICE protocol reaches version 0.6.0

In July reported about the roadmap of SPICE, the high-performance remote protocol that Red Hat acquired from Qumranet in September 2008 and turned into an open source project in December 2009: apparently, SPICE won’t hit its first production-ready version before H2 2011 even.

The new stable release, 0.6, which is not compatible with 0.4 clients, has been released at the end of August.
It introduces a few new features:

  • Surfaces
    The older spice protocol drew directly on the frame buffer. The surfaces work lets the driver draw on an offscreen surface, and then use that surface as a source when drawing.
    This is a requirement for an efficient implementation of an X driver, as offscreen pixmaps are a very common thing in X. It is also very useful for Windows 7, as it lets Windows use a surface for every toplevel window which leads to much reduced redrawing and thus bandwidth use.
  • WAN optimization
    Photo-like bitmaps compression with a lossy algorithm, addition of an entropy-based compression layer over GLZ.
  • Support for ARM7 (the one used by the iPhone 3GS and 4, for example)
    SPICE is being ported on ARM architectures and recently landed on a Nokia N900

Compared to the tentative list of features expected for this release, it seems that the project had a few delays. Nonetheless this version will be included in the upcoming Fedora 14 Linux distribution, expected in November.

The next stable release, 0.8 is expected in February 2011.

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