Release: VMTurbo Monitor 1.0 and Host Reporter 1.0

VMTurbo is a new virtualization startup that left the stealth mode in April. 
The company’s technologies was previewed in July, but only last week the actual products were announced and released.

As previously reported, the VMTurbo platform is made of many different modules, to monitor, plan, automate and report about the management of a virtual infrastructure.
The first two pieces of the suite are called Monitor and Host Reporter. Both are available now and come as part of the same virtual appliance.

Monitor, completely free of charge, lists the virtual machines and hosts health status and provides real-time metrics about vCPUs, vRAM, vNICs and vHDs, detecting resources bottlenecks:


VMTurbo Host Reporter instead provides offline charts and graphs that display virtual infrastructure trends over time, including:

  • CPU, memory and network bandwidth utilization
  • CPU % ready, memory ballooning and swapping
  • Workload demand per VM


This module costs $30 / socket.

In the near future VMTurbo will introduce the key piece of the whole suite: the Automate module.
Once statistics are collected and information about under and over-utilization provided, the product will offer a number of capacity management recommendations. At that point the user will be able to just read them, or to automatically apply them, just by pressing a button on the interface.