CA extends IT Client Manager support to ESX, Solaris Containers, App-V and ThinApp

Yesterday CA announced the release of a new version of IT Client Manager (ITCM), its systems management software.

ITCM integrates multiple other CA products, including Asset Management, Software Delivery, Remote Control. Patch Management Desktop DNA and Asset Intelligence.
As result, it offers asset discovery, OS migration, patching, remote control, and software delivery capabilities.

Version r12.5 becomes much more virtualization-friendly with the support for hardware virtualization platforms VMware ESX (both 3.5 and 4.0) and Oracle Solaris Containers (aka Zones, for both SPARC and Intel architectures) as well as application virtualization platforms Microsoft App-V and VMware ThinApp.

For hardware virtualization, ITCM r12.5 provides full virtual assets inventory capability, while for application virtualization the product integrates virtualized packages in the software delivery lifecycle.

CA plans to further extend virtualization support in ITCM r13, scheduled somewhere in 2011, by adding presentation virtualization profile management capabilities and a full set of capacity planning tools for VDI deployments.