VMware signs agreement with multiple VDI vendors for PSO assessment – UPDATED

Despite its position in the VDI market is not exactly comfortable at the moment, VMware is taking interesting steps. The company just signed agreements with a couple of VDI vendors, Liquidware Labs and Lakeside Software, to use their capacity planning products in assessments conducted by its Professional Services Organization (PSO).

The two vendors announced their agreements pretty much at the same time:

So basically, VMware will use both Stratusphere and SysTrack in its VDI assessments. But why using two different tools to achieve the same task?

Update: Another good question, raised by VMware’s competitor in the capacity planning space Lanamark, is: why VMware needs 3rd party products when it has its hosted Capacity Planner solution which is completely free for the PSO and partners?

If it’s true that Capacity Planner is not good enough for VDI assessment, as Lanamark suggests, then this means that VMware may want to acquire one of the two companies above to fill the gap. And maybe this deal is just a testbed to see what solution performs better on the field before the acquisition.