Release: VMware CapacityIQ 1.0.4

In October 2009 VMware released a fully featured capacity management solution called CapacityIQ.
Before this launch, VMware used to offer a hosted capacity planning solution called Capacity Planner (acquired from AOG in October 2005) and a scaled down version of the service available as part of VI 3.5, Guided Consolidation (formerly Server Consolidation Advisor).
While Capacity Planner is still available for free to VMware partners, the Guided Consolidation module is going to disappear from vSphere in the next release.

After almost one year VMware updated CapacityIQ last week.
The new 1.0.4 version (build 276824) only introduces support for vSphere 4.1.

The release notes document also clarifies that this version doesn’t enforce yet the new pay-per-VM licensing model that should take place starting September 1st. VMware already said that this product will be the last one to have this pricing, some time in Q4.