Spiceworks 5.0 to support Hyper-V

Spiceworks is a private US-based company founded in 2006 that offers a completely free system management platform for hardware/software/licenses inventory, change management, helpdesk, OS remote control and network mapping.

The company introduced support for VMware vSphere in version 4.6, released in March.

Now it’s the turn of Hyper-V: the upcoming release 5.0 will include support for the Microsoft hypervisor according to an official communication published earlier today by the company:

  • See all the virtual machine data on MS (& VMware) virtual servers as well as details like allocated RAM and hard disk space.
  • Start and stop your VMs when the need arises – allowing for more sophisticated virtualization management.
  • See and report changes over time for a VMs state and configuration
  • See all your VMs across all your hosts

The major update is planned for September. 
Well before that date Spiceworks 5.0 will be available as a public beta.