VMware delays View 4.5 release, drops profile management bits

TechTarget is reporting that VMware had to delay the release of View 4.5, planned for June 14. virtualization.info sources confirm that the product was supposed to reach the GA status one week ago and that, instead, VMware released a new beta.
The product won’t appear before September, in time for VMworld or may be even later.

TechTarget also adds that the product won’t have the profile management component acquired from RTO Software in March, because of incompatibilities with Windows 7.

In early May Brian Madden reported about another feature that was supposed to be included in View 4.5 and that has been axed: the client hypervisor known as Client Virtualization Platform (CVP).

VMware has been mum about the new platform, announced in 2008 and postponed a couple of times. The company now is now suggesting that hosted virtualization is better than bare-metal hypervisors for offline VDI.

Maybe the departure of Jocelyn Goldfein, Vice President and General Manager of the Desktop Business Unit, is somehow connected to these delays and features drop.