Cisco selects Rent-A-Lab for all its UCS European road shows and bootcamps and its partner Kybernetika are extremely pleased to announce today that Cisco Systems (in cooperation with VMware) selected our on-demand data center Rent-A-Lab (RAL) to host all its European road shows and bootcamps for Unified Computing System (UCS).

Cisco already selected RAL in the past to run the first UCS Bootcamp in Switzerland, and now the partnership is expanding to serve the entire Europe. 
When customers sign up for an event like this one in UK or Ireland, or an event like this one in Netherlands, they now know that RAL is the backend infrastructure.

In March we announced the expansion of RAL to 40 enterprise-class servers, and the migration to a new, shiny facility in the Zurich downtown. But we did more than that in this timeframe:

First of all, is now hosted at RAL. We had some downtime due to a change of the content management system, which will translate into a brand new version of the website with a new look and feel and additional features. Hopefully we’ll be ready before’s 7th birthday.

Secondarily, is finalizing a new column, written by the RAL administrator: Urs Stephan Alder.
Maintaining RAL implies managing multiple vendors virtual infrastructures (for server consolidation and VDI), enterprise storage arrays featuring different technologies, various servers, networking and security equipment, and so much more. It’s a challenging task like in every data center in the world, and we definitively feel that our audience may want to read more about these topics and our on-the-field, real-world experience with the products we daily cover on
We plan to launch the column before the end of the summer, so stay tuned.

Last but not least, we have additional hardware availability, courtesy of our newest sponsor NetApp. 
We’ll soon update our hardware configuration page to reflect the change and make a formal announcement about the new gears.