VMware now offers support for developing with its SDK and APIs

Now that it’s near the release of its vCloud Service Director (vCSD, formerly project Redwood) VMware is working to focus the attention on its programming interfaces and ignite an ecosystem of new developers that can build on top of the vCloud platform.

Part of this effort consists in the launch of a new SDK support program.

Where VMware can help?

  • Design Advice
    Guidance in the choice of approach and selection of supported methods that best meet the goals of your use case.
  • Performance tuning advice
    Guidance in the best practices around using supported APIs to achieve better performance.
  • Code snippet review and advice
    Guidance based on review of standalone code snippets for the purpose of insuring proper use of supported APIs.
  • Problem diagnosis
    Assistance with isolating a reported problem for the purposes of determining if the issue is with customer code or the supported API.
  • Bugs report
    Interacting with Engineering to find resolution for a problem discovered with a supported API.

Where VMware cannot help?

  • Production issues with customer code
  • End-to-end debugging of customer code
  • Development of customer code
  • Third party products used during development (e.g. IDE)

This program has a side benefit for VMware: it can simplify the scouting for smart developers, allowing the company to hire them before they group into much more expensive startups.


Thanks to Mike DiPetrillo for the news.