VMware and Red Hat CEOs on cloud computing

This week the CEOs of both VMware and Red Hat offered very interesting comments on cloud computing that the mainstream press has republished.

First, Paul Maritz, VMware’s CEO, said that customers are now ready to invest in cloud computing after months of putting off the decision due to the economic downturn:

There was a qualitative change in our customer base in the last 18 months…Now, customers really want to go do this.

True or not, one thing is sure. Maritz has all interest in saying so since VMware is about to release its vCloud Service Director (vCSD) in mere two months.

James Whitehurst, Red Hat’s CEO, did even better by saying that clouds can become the mother of all lock-ins:

The industry has to get in front of the cloud wave and make sure this next generation infrastructure is defined in a way that’s friendly to customers, rather than to IT vendors.

Our customers can run the workload in their data center or migrate it to multiple cloud providers… and we’ll support you on it and your ISVs will support you on it.

Whitehurst has all interest in saying so since Red Hat is working on a commercial implementation of the open source Deltacloud project, a meta-API that allows to interoperate with different cloud computing platforms.