Tool: Mightycare vCOPlugIN for VMware vCenter

While waiting for VMware to release its much awaited vCloud Service Director (formerly project Redwood), and possibly to invest much more resources in its existing vCenter Orchestrators, customers are coming out with their own solutions to bridge the gap between a virtual infrastructure and a private cloud through automation.

It’s the case of Peter Rudolf, at Mightycare Solutions, who just released an interesting plug-in for VMware vCenter called vCOPlugIN.

The idea is to define a number of actions workflows, called Services, that can be executed against one or more virtual machines in the vCenter inventory with a single click.
These services include things like the creation of new VMs following predefined templates configurations (virtual servers, virtual desktop, development workstation, etc.), the VMs deployment using different techniques (cloning, PXE delivery, etc.), the deployment of certain application packages, the VMs backup, and more.


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