Quest to drop the Vizioncore brand

The time has finally come: more than two years after Quest completed the acquisition of Vizioncore, it’s about to drop the brand.

Starting end of August (exactly in time for the VMware VMworld 2010 in US) Vizioncore will become Quest Software Server Virtualization Management Group.
In a similar fashion, after the acquisition of Provision Networks, Quest renamed it Quest Software Desktop Virtualization Group.

Finally the company recognized the complexity and the confusion that carrying on two brands implies. Mostly when the two brands have separated sales channels that often overlap and compete for the same account to sell each other solution.

Yet, Quest has now new challenges.
Its portfolio is simply huge, and moving all virtualization products inside it may disorient the Vizioncore customers that are not familiar with the Quest brand and website, or the potential customers that recognize Vizioncore as a leader in the virtualization space but that don’t have a clue about the Quest positioning in this market.
In other words, to balance the kill of the Vizioncore brand, the company may have to invest a lot to build brand awareness about Quest as a major virtualization player.

The chance has been announced to the partners at the end of the last week.
The Vizioncore brand will gradually disappear from products interfaces as new versions are being released. This process is expected to finish with March 2011.