Lanamark and Liquidware Labs competition increases

Apparently, in the virtualization world, marketing fight doesn’t just happen between VMware, Citrix and Microsoft.

Just yesterday, in a new article on the corporate blog, the Canadian startup Lanamark commented on the release of Liquidware Labs Stratusphere 4.6 ( coverage of that release has been mentioned in the Lanamark post).

The two companies are competing in the capacity planning space and Lanamark has been quick in pointing out that the last Liquidware Labs press announcement may have had a better wording about the agent deploying model of Stratusphere 4.6.

More than that, Lanamark has revealed that it already had interactions with the rival about some copyright infringement occurred when Liquidware Labs copied portions of the Lanamark website in the past.

While this not interesting from a strategic or technical standpoint, it gives an idea of the harsh competition in the niche market of capacity planning, despite the actual lack of competitors: besides the two above, there’s just CiRBA, VMware, which is doing everything but pushing its capacity planning solutions at this point, and a very few others.