VMware postpones View 4.5 launch?

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Brian Madden just published an interesting article revealing that VMware was expected to announce the upcoming release of View 4.5, scheduled for July, and that the product may include the client hypervisor called Client Virtualization Platform (CVP) originally announced in 2008.

At the last minute, despite multiple press pre-briefings, VMware decided to postpone the announcement.
It’s not clear if the news is going to be postponed just by one week, to better disturb imminent Citrix Synergy conference, or more.

But the most interesting part of the rumor is that, apparently, View 4.5 was supposed to include the CVP component that has been already postponed a couple of times.
That this is not going to happen as far as virtualization.info sources report. In fact View 4.5 will feature a no-more-experimental View Client with Local Mode, which leverages VMware Workstation (with ACE components) for offline VDI scenarios.