Review: Virtual Bridges VERDE 3.0

virtualbridges logo recently published an extensive review of the VDI platform based on KVM that Virtual Bridges offers since December 2009: VERDE 3.0.

Some key points of the review:

  • Almost 100% command line oriented (version 4.0, expected for April, will introduce a server management GUI).
  • Supported protocols are RDP and Virtual Bridges implementation of RFB (used by VNC).
    VERDE’s RFB is pretty fast, Virtual Bridges claims it is superior to RDP 5.
    The open source version of Red Hat SPICE protocol is unusable, will be adopted in future if possible.
  • Active Directory integration is supported through 3rd parties products like Likewise, but there’s no Single Sign On (SSO).
  • VERDE Cluster setup is complex, as you have to configure 5 tiers (Satellite Servers, a Master Server, Workstations, authentication servers and storage).
    RDP only partially supported (this will change in version 4.0).
  • A proprietary protocol, SMART, is used to synchronize the virtual desktop image between the server and the workstations in offline VDI scenario.
    SMART supports branch office scenarios, with virtual desktop replication across WAN.
  • It uses a PDF-based universal printing solution for client-side printing.
  • User data is separated from the the OS using a secondary drive letter

Comments are worth a read too as they contain details about pricing. Highly recommended.