Release: Trustware BufferZone Pro 3.30

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Trustware is a US startup that entered the virtualization market in August 2006.
The company offers an application virtualization engine, BufferZone, that primarily targets consumer market.

The company released version 2.0 in January 2007 and version 3.0 in June 2008.
Now, after no less than one year and a half, Trustware launches version 3.30.

The new build is primarily for bug fixing but it also introduces support for Windows 7 (32bit only).

BufferZone key selling point is that it keeps your computer secure (more than an anti-virus) because of the isolation that application virtualization offers.
Maybe it’s true, but if Trustware can’t update its engine more frequently than once per year, it’s hard to believe that this product can defend itself against software exploits.