Release: Convirture ConVirt 2.0

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ConVirt (formerly XenMan) is an open source management console that supports multiple hypervisors, including Xen and KVM.
Originally started in 2006, the product was relaunched in March 2009, demonstrating a significant potential.

One year later, the company behind ConVirt, Convirture, releases version 2.0, which once again features notable capabilities:

  • new architecture
    made of an AJAX web front-end which supports multiple administrators and a back-end data repository for the entire virtual infrastructure
  • performance trends reporting
    capability to produce interactive charts about historical information in the data repository
  • template compliance tracking
    capability to track how much a virtual machine changed from its original template and to flag discrepancies
  • datacenter-wide monitoring
    both storage and network resources can be monitored from a single console rather than checking each host configuration


The company is still offering the product as open source, but it’s also trying to monetize it with the introduction of an Enterprise Edition (currenty in beta).

This product will add to the open source edition the following capabilities:

  • dynamic resources allocation (through the use of resource pools)
  • high availability (through hosts and virtual machines fail-over)
  • virtual machines backup (both scheduled and on-demand)
  • network and storage automated configuration (VLAN and SAN setup across multiple hosts)
  • role-based access control
  • alerting and email notification
  • CLI and APIs