Release: Leostream Connection Broker 6.3

leostream logo

Leostream announces today a new minor version for its Connection Broker that arrives over five months after the 6.2 release.

In this update the company introduces a number of new features:

  • support for the open source version of Xen (the one released by
  • support for Sun Secure Global Desktop Software
  • support for Ericom Blaze (which comes from the technology partnership signed in November 2009)
  • a web client to access virtual desktops over HTTP/S connections
  • control over the remote desktop protocol used by remote clients when multiple protocols are available
  • a more granular set of roles and permissions that separate end users and administrators rights

While every feature above is welcome, the most interesting one is the support for Sun SDG.
The Oracle acquisition of Sun, and its declared intention to continue investing in the existing virtualization portfolio, is translating into new opportunities for those vendors that are struggling to compete with VMware in its own domain. And competing against VMware View can be pretty hard these days.