VCE Coalition publishes Vblock reference architecture and implementation guide

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The VMware | Cisco | EMC coalition is waiting for Acadia to start its business and begin the implementation, administration and delivery of their new datacenters-in-a-box.

Meanwhile the three companies prepare and publish key documents to understand how the VBlock computing stack is designed and how it can be used.

Specifically, the documents published online are:

  1. The Deployment Guide
    Deploy a full Vblock (for delivery) as an integrated whole
  2. The Rapid Provisioning Guide
    Simplify Rapid Provsioning across the entire stack whether you are a service provider or an enterprise customer
  3. The Reference Architecture Guide
    Detailed configuration specification, how it is tested, etc.

Only the Reference Architecture is available for public access. It includes information about Vblock configuration type 1 and type 2.


The other two documents can be accessed only by VMware, Cisco and EMC partners.

Chad Sakac, the EMC Vice President of VMware Technology Alliance, reveals that customers are also looking for Vblock 0 configurations and even smaller than that.
The VCE Coalition anyway is not ready yet to publish details about Vblock 0 stack because “there are specifics that need working out”. Below you can see the prototype developed by the three:

Vblock0Sakac also informs that the current Vblock roadmap developed by VMware, Cisco and EMC extends to 2012.