VMware hires Massimo Re Ferrè away from IBM

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This 2010 definitively started as the year to recruit talents.
After the news that Scott Lowe joined EMC, virtualization.info has just learned that Massimo Re Ferrè, is leaving IBM to join VMware.

Re Ferrè is one of the most popular professionals in the virtualization industry, leading the community since much before the launch of this publication (September 2003).
virtualization.info recognized his personal website as a top virtualization blog in 2008.

Re Ferrè worked in IBM for 15 years, most of them as IT Architect.
He will join VMware as Solutions Architect in the vCloud department in EMEA, working with other well-known talents (and bloggers) like Massimiliano Daneri, of VMBK fame, and Duncan Epping.

So while IBM is intensifying the competition with VMware, VMware recruits its best employees.
2010 is going to be an interesting year.