VMware loses its Sr. Director of ESX R&D

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While VMware continues its transformation from a virtualization vendor to a company that wants to compete with Microsoft, Google, IBM and soon Oracle, the massive replacement of its workforce, which virtualization.info documented in details for months, goes on.

Last week we covered the departure of Chris Hammans, Regional Director for UK and Ireland.
This one it’s the turn of Joanne Syben, Senior Director of R&D, in charge for ESX R&D.
Specifically she led the Core Storage team for ESX Server, including VMKernel components, FC and iSCSI. Syben componentized core storage stack to support native and 3rd party multipathing, policy and array specific modules. She also led the SMB team to work on scale-out-storage technologies (distributed systems, clustering, replication, LVM etc.)

Syben left in September 2009 to accept a role as Vice President Engineering in Intalio, a startup focused on Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) clouds.

Syben came from GreenBorder, the application virtualization stealth startup that Google acquired in June 2007. The GreenBorder technology probably is under the hood of Google Chrome.