Release: VMware vCenter AppSpeed 1.2

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Today VMware released version 1.2 (build 41671) of its application performance analyzer AppSpeed, announced in January and released for the first time in July.

AppSpeed, acquired from B-Hive in May 2008, is a performance analyzer tool that sniffs the network traffic and learn how the applications inside virtual machines usually perform, so it can help to understand the reason of performance issues.

Version 1.2 introduces some interesting features:

  • A single user interface can now manage different AppSpeed instances
  • The UI can now edit the mapped application topology
  • Administrators can exclude servers that don’t need to be monitored
  • Users authenticate against the vCenter user database
  • The product includes a new latency-focused analysis which offers two views: a view that compares a single application or transaction latency between servers, and a view that compares transaction or server latency with their latency baselines, pointing to latency anomalies