VMW and CTXS Q3 2009 earning reports

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Last week both VMware and Citrix announced their Q3 2009 earnings.

VMware reported its US revenue in decline for 1% (to $246 million) from Q3 2008.  International revenues instead grew 9% (to $244 million) from the same period of 2008.
Services revenues (software maintenance and professional services) increased 33% (to $250 million) from Q3 2008. 

Citrix instead reported a global decline of its license revenue for 18% (-15% in EMEA, -5% in APAC and +5% in Americas) from Q3 2009, while the revenue generated from license updates increased 7% for the same period.
Technical service revenue (consulting, training and technical support) increased 20%, while online services revenue (most likely the GoTo product portfolio) increased 21% from Q3 2008.

The two competitors are performing pretty well in the stock market if we look at the year performance: