50% of workloads will run inside virtual machines by 2012 says Gartner

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Last week Gartner released a press announcement disclosing that only 16% of workloads run inside virtual machines.

The analysis firm predicted that this amount is going to reach around 50% by 2012, which is equal to 58 million deployed virtual machines.

Gartner also adds:

…by year-end 2010, enterprises with 100-999 employees will have a higher penetration of virtual machines deployed than the Global 500…

In May 2007 for example Gartner predicted that virtualization will be part of nearly every aspect of IT by 2015
In April 2008 Gartner also said that 4 million virtual machines were expected by 2009, while we would have 611 million virtualized PCs by 2011.
It’s not clear how to read the new 58 million number considering the previous predictions above.

The virtualization.info Virtualization Industry Predictions page has been updated accordingly.