5nine launches Optimizer 1.0 beta

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The startup 5nine is back with its third tool.
Launched in June, the company already released a capacity planning solution that includes a P2V migration tool and a firewall for virtual infrastructures.

The third product, currently in beta and scheduled for release later in Q4, is called Optimizer.

While P2V Planner performs what-if analysis and capacity planning on physical server that need to be converted in virtual machines, Optimizer does the same on already virtualized infrastructures.


It’s not clear why 5nine preferred to launch a separate tool rather than enrich P2V Planner with the Optimizer capabilities.
The physical to virtual capacity planning is something that non-enterprise customers do just a few times per year. Sometimes, in certain SMBs, this is done only once.
Optimizer may be used much more frequently than P2V Planner but it’s hard to believe that these customers would pay two times for the same engine.