Release: VMLogix LabManager Cloud Edition 1.0

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In June VMLogix announced the upcoming availability of a special version of its virtual lab automation product that could support Amazon EC2.

The product, dubbed LabManager Cloud Edition (CE), was released two weeks ago at VMworld 2009.

While the privacy and security concerns expressed in our previous coverage remain, it is true that VMLogix may be one of the first vendors to set the trend for the coming months: those customers that decide to embrace cloud computing may easily recognize the need for management consoles that extend the 3rd party IaaS architectures to achieve specific tasks such as virtual lab automation.

There are evident benefits:


The position of VMLogix as an acquisition target becomes more and more interesting.
Citrix, which already has an OEM agreement with them to distribute LabManager as part of Essential, for sure must be extremely pleased to see how VMLogix is proficient in manipulating Xen-based cloud computing facilities.