Vizioncore launches Virtualization EcoShell 1.1 beta

vizioncore logo

In April Vizioncore launched a free extension for the PowerShell GUI that its parent company Quest offers since a long time: PowerGUI.

Dubbed Virtualization EcoShell, the Vizioncore tool is a powerful environment to develop and execute complex scripts, and leverage the PowerShell support that VMware offers in VI 3.5 and vSphere 4.0.

Vizioncore is keen to facilitate the growth of a PowerShell community around virtualization because of its new interest in automation: awesome scripts and smart developers may end up working around its new vControl product.

Just last week the company released the beta of Virtualization EcoShell 1.1 which includes a number of new features:

  • New dockable windows in the graphical UI
  • New configurable window shows all messages coming back from the PowerShell engine
  • Network management features to allow full Virtual Switch and Port Group configuration
  • Support for PowerShell v2 Modules

Vizioncore is already working on version 1.2 which will be demonstrated at VMworld 09 at the beginning of September.