Surgient secures $4.3 million in a new round of funding

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Exactly one year ago Surgient reported profitability after four years in the virtual lab automation market (the company was founded in 2003 but entered the market only in mid-2004).

A couple of months ago a business blog reported that the company scored $1M per month revenue in 2007.
Just a week before this information leaked, Surgient itself reported over 70 active customers.

The company secured $20M in July 2006, but its not clear if that was the first round of funding or not.
Anyway the company needs more cash as it secured $4.3M (only $3M made available at the moment) in a round led by Goldman Sachs, BlueStream Ventures and Crosslink Capital.

A number of additional companies invested in Surgient so far, including investment firms like Austin Ventures, Seaport Capital, SternHill Partners, and MFI Capital (led by Tom Meredith, former CFO, Dell), and private investors like Rod Canion, Founder and former CEO at Compaq Computer, Reed Hundt, Former Chairman at FCC, Bill Joy, Founder and CTO at Sun, John McHale, Co-Founder and CEO at TippingPoint Technologies, and Marc Seriff, Co-founder at AOL.