VMware appoints a new head of global communications

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A couple of weeks ago, PRWeekus reported that VMware is changing its PR and communication structure.

First of all the company hired Aaron Feigin in May as the new Senior Director of Global Communications.
Feigin comes from Borland, where he has been Vice President of Corporate Communications for five years.
Feigin is not the first ex-Borland executive that joins VMware: in January the company hired Tod Nielsen, the former Borland CEO, as its new COO.

It seems that Feigin plans to make the VMware announcements less technical and more marketing oriented:

…he plans to revamp VMware’s PR strategy by having the communications team work more closely with other departments and focus less on product features in its messages.

“We want VMware’s story to be more in align with our customers’ long-term goals”…

The second thing is that VMware is replacing its current PR agency, Fleishman Hillard, that lasted just six months after replacing the long-time partner OutCast Communications.

We’ll see if this will imply yet another change in the message at the big VMworld 2009 conference that will start at the end of August.