VDIworks develops a new remote desktop protocol: VideoOverIP

vdiworks logo

In January 2008 ClearCube decided to spin off its software division under the name of VDIworks to sell in an easier way its agnostic connection broker.

Since that time, VDIworks has been off the radar and yet it has made interesting moves: it released a VDI plug-in that works with System Center Operation Manager (SCOM) rather than System Center Virtual Machine Manager (SCVMM) and announced a plan to offer an offline VDI solution based on VMware Player.

In September 2008 the company even extended its support to the HP RGS protocol, but now it seems like there’s a completely different strategy as VDIworks announces its own desktop protocol: VideoOverIP (VoIP, easily confused with Voice Over IP).

With this new protocol VDIworks enters a dangerous and crowded space that it believes will dominate easily, at least looking at the comparison below:


For now the protocol is supported on VMware ESX and Server VMs, on Microsoft Hyper-V VMs and on Windows XPe clients.


The interesting thing about VideoOverIP is that it can be used without a connection broker inside small environments. VDIworks offers it as a free download here.