Cisco UCS prices leaked, still no words on virtualization capabilities

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The Register just broke the news about the price of some Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS) prices.

The details about the blade system that will turn the networking giant into a x86 server vendor, and potentially into a virtualization vendor as well, are very limited and pricing has been barely mentioned so far.

The Register is now reporting that:

…the UCS B200 M1 blade server, the base two-socket box without the memory extension technology that Cisco hopes will give it differentiation against other providers of blade servers using Intel’s “Nehalem EP” Xeon 5500 processors, has a list price of $2,954…

The original article has additional prices about different components. Unfortunately none of them is related to the software side of the thing, like the UCS Manager (that a company slide seems to list at $0), the BMC automation layer or the VMware vSphere 4.0 platform.