Release: Hyper9 Virtualization Manager Mobile 1.0

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In March the startup Hyper9 (formerly InovaWave) hired a well-known virtualization professional: Andrew Kutz.
At that time Kutz, who is now a Senior R&D Scientist at the company, was developing a management solution for multiple hypervisors that could be used on mobile devices that support Java: the Virtualization Manager Mobile (VMM).

Easy to guess, Hyper9 didn’t just hire Kutz, but also acquired the intellectual property of VMM, and it’s now ready to launch the first release.

VMM 1.0 offers the following features:

  • Monitor virtual machines, hosts or data centers’ CPU and memory consumption
  • Manage virtual machines power and network state
  • Support for VMware Infrastructure 3.5 and vSphere 4.0, VMware Server 2.0, Microsoft Hyper-V 1.0 and Citrix XenServer 5.0.
  • Interface customization

VMM is free to manage up to 5 virtual machines. From 6 to 1000 Hyper9 offers it at the introductory price of $199.00.

VMM seems far from the search engine that Hyper9 released in March and that is considered their flagship product. The decision to launch it as a stand-alone solution rather than release it as a feature of the main product, or release it completely for free to increase the brand awareness, suggests that the company is reconsidering its strategy and may get deeper into the virtualization management space in the future with several separated tools.