Release: PHD Virtual Technologies esXpress 3.5

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After almost three years PHD Virtual Technologies (formerly PHD Technologies) has finally released a solid update for its flagship backup solution: esXpress 3.5.

This new version, released at the beginning of May, includes the following features:

  • Multi-user global deployment and configuration application featuring hierarchical, policy-driven configuration to significantly reduce deployment time
  • Patent pending source-side global de-duplication across the entire ESX farm to greatly reduce LAN traffic and disk space usage
  • Multi-user file-level restore for instant access to compressed data
  • Built-in incremental replication which can replicate newly changed blocks and inject them directly to into the replicated virtual machine
  • Date-smart dynamic export with pre-defined date-based directories, providing critical flexibility in deciding what data is exported to a choice of tape or disk


esXpress v3.5 price starts at $1,000 per host for 4 concurrent backup streams.