Vizioncore CEO is back and just acquired vmSight

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David Bieneman, the man that founded Vizioncore, sold it to Quest in January 2008, and left just two months after the acquisition, is back.

Of course the strict agreements that regulate an acquisition prevent him from starting or working for a company that compete with Quest/Vizioncore.
So Bieneman is now moving in a new virtualization segment space with a startup called Liquidware Labs.

With him there is J. Tyler Rohrer, the former founder of Foedus, a successful consulting company that was acquired by VMware in January 2008.
Roher left VMware after working for almost one year and a half in the Enterprise Desktop team (the one responsible for VMware View).

The company tagline, The Art & Science of the Desktop, and the Roher profile on LinkedIn unveil that Liquidware Labs will be active in the VDI space, will address the PSO organizations, and that will leverage the technology of vmSight, recently acquired while in stealth mode for an undisclosed sum.

vmSight is a startup that offers a solution to track how the users work on the virtual desktops, through the analysis of their network activity.
Think about it as a network sniffer that re-assembles the snooped packets to understand the history and the performance of a VDI session and make it easier to troubleshoot.

What Liquidware Labs will do with this technology which is covered by 13 patents?
Roher is very clear on the market strategy:

Going to assist the market with purpose built tools to enable the adoption, consumption, and scalability of VDI projects.
I believe before we build it, we need to design it, and before we design it, we need to assess what “it” needs to be.
PSO Focus and Application First methodology

While waiting for the official launch of Liquidware Labs, we can bet on the chance of turn this new company in another successful acquisition.

Thanks for Lanamark (which will actually compete with Liquidware Labs) for making this story public.

Liquidware Labs has been included in the Virtualization Industry Radar.