VMware loses its CIO and its Sr. Director of Marketing EMEA

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The list of executives that leave VMware gets longer and longer.
Maybe this is part of a plan defined by the new CEO Paul Maritz, who is hiring several experienced, old-school leaders from Microsoft, IBM, CA and Borland.
Or maybe this is the direct effect of the new culture that Maritz is spreading inside the company.
The result doesn’t change: VMware continues to replace its managers, and some of them are very high profile.

This time is the turn on the company CIO, Tayloe Stansbury, who left VMware this month to join Intuit as their CTO.
Stansbury has been in VMware for one year and a half, during which helped to clarify how VMware is using its own products internally.
VMware also lost Reza Malekzadeh, its former Sr. Director, Products & Marketing for EMEA.
Among other things, Malekzadeh is the man behind the organization of VMworld Europe 2008 and 2009.

The two executives joins the following (and probably many others that virtualization.info couldn’t track):