Data Gardens will launch at the Virtualization Congress 2009

As we said in the previous post the Speakers, the Agenda and the Panels, the’s Virtualization Congress will happen in just one week in Las Vegas, co-located with the Citrix Synergy 2009 at the MGM Grand Hotel & Casino.

As some readers may remember, the conference program will include a particular general session on May 6.
During this slot we’ll present on stage up to six early stage start-ups that just came out of stealth mode or that just released their first product on the market.

Following the successful approaches used by Demo and TechCrunch conferences, we asked these companies to briefly present on stage their brand and then show the juice technologies they are about to offer.
For the attendees, it’s a great opportunity to see what will come out in the coming months and to reconsider their virtualization strategy accordingly.

Today it’s a great pleasure for me to announce that Data Gardens will launch and present on stage its first product for this first edition of the Virtualization Congress: Syntropy.

DataGardens changes the way businesses provide IT services across multi-site data center environments. Its products reduce the cost of IT provisioning and administration, while increasing productivity, utilization, and resiliency. DataGardens software systems extend conventional virtualization services including virtual machine migration, high availability, and load balancing, so they can be leveraged across multiple distributed sites. This unique capability enables DataGardens to offer solutions for remote IT provisioning, multi-site resource sharing, business continuity, and consolidated multi-site backup.

If you didn’t check the agenda it’s definitively time to do it and book a last minute flight to join us there.
(and just in case you need some help to justify the trip, here’s a toolkit ready for you)

See you in a week!